Embracing God’s Dream For Your Future (CD)


God has a dream.

Yes, God has a dream for your life. It is bigger than anything you’ve known thus far and better than anything you can imagine. No matter what you’ve experienced or endured, your past does not have to determine your future.

In Embracing God’s Dream for Your Future, Mary teaches from Genesis 26:1-22 and will help you learn:

• how to “sow in famine” and nurture your dream while waiting for it to come to pass.
• how to fight fear effectively as you pursue God’s dream for your future.
• how to make the most of God’s process of preparing you to live the dream.
• how to deal with the fact that some people may not support your dream.
• how to break the invisible limitations that have held you back in the past.

Like Isaac, the main character in this message, you may feel that you are in a time of famine—a time when your dreams are dormant and your hopes seem out of reach. But be encouraged; your time of famine may be just exactly what God is using to prepare you for the great fulfillment of His dream for your life.

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