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Living life God’s way is an awesome adventure—a journey of discovery and destiny, of freedom and fulfillment, of strength and stability. Kingdom Living Ministries (KLM) exists to help people experience the reality of His presence, develop a deeper relationship with Holy Spirit and align their lives with the truth of the Word. 

About Mary

Mary Forsythe is on a remarkable journey—one that has taken her from small-town beginnings to big city glamour to time in prison, from selling lemonade in her front yard to an impressive stock portfolio by the time she was in her mid-twenties. She knows what its like to gain material wealth and social status—and then to lose it all. After suffering deep disappointment and loss, Mary finally found everything she’d been looking for all along. Read More…

Joining the Journey

Mary's Latest Book Is Now Available

Joining the Journey is a personal adventure into life and liberty—the vibrant, rewarding life God wants you to enjoy and the liberty that enables you to embrace it with passion. It’s an opportunity to be strengthened, empowered and equipped as He leads you along in the divine destiny He has prepared for you. Loaded with encouragement, practical wisdom and opportunities to commune with the Lord on a personal level, this book is sure to help you fi nd your way into an intimate, vital friendship with Him.

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When Mary teaches and ministers at the jail, she brings wisdom, deliverance, healing and most of all the truth that Jesus is very close to the brokenhearted. To me personally, she has brought all of the above, as well as friendship. Her generous donations of resources for the incarcerated women are eternal gifts.

Missy McManis

Mary has been such an amazing source of encouragement and inspiration to me personally and to our Bible College, Victory Life International Bible Training Centre. Each time she comes to minister, she has the teachers’ and students’ undivided attention and hits the Lord’s target for each one of us with such accuracy and power. It’s like being on an adventure with her in the Lord because she tunes in to Him and doesn’t bring anything outside of His plans for the moment.

J.S. Perth, Australia

Mary is an excellent teacher, preacher and faithful witness to the power of the Holy Spirit to transform not only her life, but the lives of those she touches.  Mary portrays the Kingdom in such a way that she challenges those stuck in lukewarm, passive and status quo dimensions to consider the passionate and intentional Kingdom of God – both internally and externally. I recommend her message and her life to anyone who is questioning or hungry for more of God.

K. J. Texas, USA

Mary has a unique gift to inspire a way forward in people’s lives. Whether preaching to a congregation or coaching one-on-one, her capacity to navigate the real and deep issues of the heart in a loving and gentle way has brought freedom to many people. Mary’s impact goes beyond her ministry, it is who she is.

D. M., Melbourne, Australia

When Mary spoke at our conference, it was nothing short of a move of God on 900 women.

P. B., Texas, USA

Mary’s ministry is one rich in the dispensing of love and spiritual gifts. Her ministry impacted our church and bible school greatly through her teaching and prophetic words. The fragrance of her anointing lingers long after her times of ministry have concluded.

A.E, Perth, Australia

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