Don’t Rebuke the Ram (MP3)


What’s new?

When asked, “What’s new,” people often respond, “Nothing much.” But with God, something new is always happening. While His Word and His character are timeless and changeless, He works in fresh ways to bring new perspectives, new opportunities, new ideas, and new directions to our lives.

We often want to know what God has for us, how He will bring it to pass, and when it will be fulfilled. But He rarely reveals everything we want to know. Instead, God often requires us to walk through a process of unfolding understanding and increasing trust.

In Don’t Rebuke the Ram, Mary uses the story of Abraham and Isaac to provide practical encouragement for spiritual maturity by teaching about
• living in partnership with the Holy Spirit
• seeing God in new ways
• leaving life’s old seasons and embracing new seasons
• recognizing divine moments and opportunities

God is constantly leading you on the great adventure called “spiritual maturity,” so keep your eyes open, and don’t rebuke the ram.

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